Top Tips for Building the Accessible Home of Your Dreams

Are you daydreaming about building the perfect accessible home? Building a house can be a tall order in itself, but when accessibility is a goal, it can be the best way into your next abode. While you might have a wish list of features and finer points, tailoring your home to your personal needs is just one piece of the puzzle. Chris Olson Homes invites you to examine what all is involved so you can look forward to a smooth process.

Money Matters

You might already be looking at layouts and shopping for land online, but before you get your heart set on a house plan and piece of property, you need to examine your finances. First, the mortgage process is complicated, as you need to determine your budget, review, and possibly repair your credit history, apply with a lender, and get pre-approval for a loan. What’s more, construction loans are more strict than standard mortgages, since the house is collateral.

There are several mortgage programs for people with disabilities, and you’ll need to examine which loans you may qualify for as well as which are available for construction. For example, Fannie Mae loans have low down payment options, reduced debt-to-income ratio requirements, and lenient credit evaluations, yet they also offer construction loans.

Build Your Dream Team

If you never invested in land before, you might be surprised to learn it’s a pretty complex decision. As US News explains, purchasing vacant land means taking into account things like zoning, environmental tests, and neighborhood home values. It’s important to get input from a few different professionals, so with that in mind, start building your dream team.

Looking for Land

Before you even start looking seriously at land, you should consider hiring a couple of key players for your team. First stop: Connect with Portland area real estate pro Chris Olson to begin your land search.

Next, you’ll want to find a home builder to help you select your property. The right contractor can help envision which modifications might be necessary to make a plot work well for you, such as grading slopes or adding retaining walls.

There are a number of building scams out there, so Carlisle Wide Plank Floors recommends searching for someone who has a solid reputation. Ask around, check out customer reviews, and interview candidates before you make a selection. Remember to check each builder’s credentials and experience, including their experience with building accessible properties.

Plans and Professionals

Your agent and builder can guide you toward a good land purchase. Once your land is selected, it’s time to look closely at house plans. Your house plans will be determined in large part by your needs and budget, and can also be influenced by your land. There are websites that sell plans you can simply order and these can often be modified by your builder, or you might elect to have a house tailored entirely to your specifications.

Depending on your personal intentions, house plans, and where you live, you might need additional pros on your team. Some areas require the input of architects, some ask for your plans to be reviewed by an engineer, and some allow certified designers to handle technical aspects of the process. Your builder and real estate agent will be able to guide you more in this piece of the home-building puzzle.

At Chris Olson Homes, we know that building a house is complicated, but there is no better way into a house that’s designed to suit your needs. Check into your financial situation, build your dream team, then select your house plans. Soon, that house that’s just a budding idea will be a dream come true! Reach out to Chris Olson today to get the process started! 503-546-9955



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